isn’t monotony of life interesting

I like to see things moving
The movement proves their presence
Things still be things dead,
Things humdrum aren’t things boring,
Don’t you find a teacher teaching terrific
Or a person stamping documents fascinating?

Isn’t monotony of life interesting?
Life is all about death
For there comes a day, when nothing else matters
Nothing else exists but the truth of life
The very existence of the theory of inexistence
And no one can question
But lament about all that could’ve been possible
As all those unfulfilled dreams stand in their way to silence
Whose mere accomplishment is now impossible

You lose your mind to dreams,
And you’d end up loosing your mind
Ain’t death appealing
Ain’t life unkind?

And who knows,
When we’d come out of this stillness
We might even find our way out of this sadness

Sometimes a ray of hope is not just it
Some times you have to stand in the sunshine

Some times life is not about fascination
Not only about a rainbow or thunder
But it’s the little thing that make life what it is

Yes, gazing at the stars is inspiring
But, doesn’t the city light provide the same hope ?

Isn’t life and magic just the same?
Aren’t things moving the beauty of living ?
Isn’t the stillness of things so alive ?
Oh,Isn’t the monotony of life interesting ?


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