Mirror, mirror,…
Can’t you see,
What you show is killing me!
Mirror, mirror,..
Can’t you hear,
Enough with exhibiting this endless exploitation
Mirror, mirror,..
Can’t you feel,

The exploding ain’t an everlasting enchantment
‘won’t be able to heal,…

The face you flaunt of so fascinatingly,
The eyes you examine so enviously,
The smile you find so stupefying,
The tears you think to be trivial,
Can’t you decipher,..
The lookalike might just be lying,
The forgery, the fraudulence,
Can you not look beneath the bogus,
Can you not distinguish between the pseudo pretences and the psyche’s painting,

Can’t you wonder,..
How it feels as beneath I break down,..
And still I manage to arrange a smile,..

Can’t you see,..
what you show,
… is killing me,..


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