On her own

She felt upset, she felt depressed,
Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears,
Her golden hair were all tangled,
Her clothes were all torn,
Betrayed she was !
She loved him so deeply,
And how easily he changed her place,
She’d fought her family, compromised her dreams
For whom ?
For someone she loved !
For someone who did not love her !
For whom ?
He’s no more here, and she’s all alone
No beloved is here,she’s far far away from home
Somewhere in this big big world, she’s on her own
She finds people, looking at her,questioning her origin
Why is it that she’s here ? she could be a demon !
The same mothers who once seek’d her help asks their kid to stay away
Was it her fault to love ? Will the ever understand, nay !!
A social butterfly transforming into a lonely flee
But she must fight, must ‘sting like a bee’
She’s in no need of their ‘sympathy’
She does not ask for their ‘pity’
In this big big world, far far away from ‘home’
But she’s going to fight, even though she’s all alone
And once she succeeds,she’d show her worth,
she can proudly keep her head held high
and can finally go her ‘way back home’…

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