forever strong

I met a girl lately,
Her eyes with something deep inside,
as if they had some infinite mysteries to hide,
Her face with an elongated fake smile,
To conceal what all she’s been through,
She hid her hands as she talked,
So i won’t be able to see her cuts and wounds,
She stammered and chocked as she spoke,
as if thinking what to share and what not to !
“People are funny you know.” she spoke !
“They want you to stand out of the crowd, by staying in the crowd.”
I smiled as she spoke,
How easily she could stop her tears from flowing,
How easily she pretended to be someone she is not,
Someone she never was, and would surely never wish to be,
How much life can change you  in a second,
How much you can change your life in a moment,
But i remained silent,
I had already moved on, with my life stories kept to my self,
I was in this stage once, and maybe had the same things in myself,
Of all the things that had ever hurt me,
It was my self that kept me going,

Even today, as i confront myself from yesterday,
As i stand in front of who i was,
I know there’s no way to help her,
And i do not need to worry either,
Because I have learnt something from these humans,
And i know that what so ever happens in her life,
She knows she’s all on her own,
She might lie but she won’t cry

She will just try
She will try to be forever strong


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