for one last time

She stood on the balcony,
One step away from her death,
Awaiting for some undefined sanction,
Having suffered a little more than too much,
Longed to take this decision all this time,
She had finally managed to be there,
With star dust in the sky and city lights all down,
And all her memories swirling around,
With tears in her eyes and hands firm,
for a decision that could never be corrected if wrong,
She threw away that bottle of alcohol down there,
And with that crashing sound,
something inside her died,
and she felt wounded inside,
all the more, this time

With people judging her, questioning and mocking,
Friends laughing and leaving,
And all her might, down,
was she not allowed to love or live or both,
What crime had she committed being ‘different’,
what was wrong in wishing to be the change,
Rather, then being silent, and witnessing the same,
Making her life worth dying, and, death worth living,

Her ideas could change the world,
Make a better place to live in,
Could create, inspire and what not !
Her only limits her soul,
But different things remain unjustified in this world,
And so was she,
And so her life,

A shooting star witnessed her withdrawal,
The last step she took,
And off to ground,
But in those few last seconds,
Did she not fulfill the deepest of her wishes ?
Flying with liberty, with freedom, and being fearless.
With nothing to be afraid of,
and to be herself, and on her own,
for the last time…


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