The smell of misty soil,
The happy and contented faces of the elderly,
The enthusiastic souls playing in puddles,
The universe going all the more beautiful,
The usually latent writer waking up in a millions of souls,
A thousand old memories flashing back in minds over and over again,
Its raining in the universe,

But this drizzling,
Is it of any worth
for me, or my life ?

All it does is make the demon stronger,
And, shows, how wrong i was in some decisions,
or maybe all of them,
And reminds me over and over again,
Of all that needs to be forgetten,
And the scars on my skin start hurting,
The wounds on my soul pain,
But weren’t these healed a long time back ?

The demon blushes again,
for it’s winning this battle,
And i; just like the weather right now,
keep on losing something one by one,
As if crying for no reason,
And fixing the broken limits yet again,
And coming back in the cage i share,
And not being able to step out in the open air,
The demon smiles again.

It’s raining in the universe,
both outside and inside,
And with each passing second,
I feel like i am losing,
losing the battle against the monsters of the universe,
Both outside and inside.


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