carpe diem

“Live in the moment, I say princess.” says the old man to me, a trembling, terrified seventeen year old girl in a metro. I turn and look at him surprisingly. In his eyes, I saw a strange sort of emotion, it is fear, I believe.He is an old man in a grey black robe, almost of the times of the roman, I believe.I look around, There is no one else in that compartment.I look at my companion again who waits eagerly for my reply.
“Excuse me, sir. Was it you who spoke ?” I ask, still staring at him with my eyes wide open.
“Yes, Princess. It was I who spoke, and it was you who i spoke to. Live in the moment. Don’t think too much of the past.!”
I look again at the man. What is he saying? How does he know what I was feeling? I remain quiet.
“I forgot to introduce myself, Girl. I’m Lumos-es-elpris, The King of Mercury, the god of hope. You can call me Lumos. And, You are Emily, I presume.”
“I am.”
“Tell me what you have in your mind, girl.We do not have much time so we can not risk wasting it.”
“What ?”
“What is the dilemma of your life?What leaves you in this state of mind where you do not know where to go?”
I look at him again.How come he knows so much about me.He seems to know everything.His eyes seem wise and full of knowledge.I can surely trust a person like him.
“I do not know what to do with my life. I do not know which path to take and which path to leave. I do not know which boulevard to walk upon ?” I tell him.
“It’s not the route that matters, Emily.It’s how you wish to reach your destination.”
“I do not wish to be all confused. I do not wish to be lost in the ways of life.”
“Not all those who wander are lost, Young girl.” He said looking right into my eyes.
“Lord of the Rings ?” I say, immediately realizing how foolish I would have looked on saying this.
He smiles at me much as I had expected.
“That is the problem with human beings. They think too much and remember about every abstract concept of the world, but never try finding a lesson from them.”
“But where is my destination ? Where am I supposed to go to? What do I have to fight for?”
“Go towards the extra mile. It’s never crowded.” He smiles at me. I smile back.
“And what am I supposed to do till then ?”
“Seize the day. Can’t you.?”
“Seize the day?”
“Pluck the day as it ripe. Enjoy the moment.Do not run for the knowledge that is forbidden to you.Do not ask about what is destined for you or me. It’s better to bear the future just like the past.
There is no such thing as the last winter, neither is there anything as the last summer either.Fight the tides and stand on the shore, prove your wisdom.Life is really very short. Shouldn’t your hope be more than it ?”
I nod as he talks.

“Seize the moment as you have it.Live in the moment.So that you won’t have to regret about everything in your life.Trust me, Tomorrow might appear even more shorter than today. ”

****”Station Cross 19″***** I hear a voice over my head.
I look at my companion again.He is still smiling.
“This is not real, right? I’m dreaming.”
“Yes, yes you are.You are dreaming something you should’ve dreamed a long while ago, but it’s never too late.”
*******”Section Cross 19″******* I open my eyes. My companion is nowhere to be seen. I rub my eyes and move out of the metro.I smile as I watch the light blue sky over my head.
I keep my head high and proceed for another usual day at school.I’m going to seize the moment.
“Carpe Diem.” I mutter to myself.


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