let there be light

There’s a feeling that my soul is sinking
The world out there’s as cold as ice,
I can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming,
There’s no place to look up to or hide,
I was yet warm with a hope in my heart

Well, life can not be that bad,
The liveliness of my life can not be that dead,
Okay, accepted that there’s no prophecy or prophet
dreading for my arrival,
But that’s not strong enough to limit my greatness

Is this not a great thing
To try and cry and cry and try
And still being able to find your way
To not go as per what’s destined for you
And to be your own light and ray

One day, the darkness will end,
And we all know,
the sun will rise,

You gotta remember that HOPE is always there,
and you’re not alone in the fight,
Open your eyes and the windows,
look the sun is shining
look the sun is blazing hot,
Looks like everything is getting right,
Come on, get up, let there be light…


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