Shackling sunlight

Daybreak. A dusky dawn.
Awake. Enthusiastic, excited, energetic eyes
First ray of sunlight, quenches, warms,
Relieves, rejoices the ones ranting in their rags.

The burning fire freezes,frigid, frozen,
Shivers the lamentable lads, longing for a cloudless dawn.
Haze hinders. Mist inhibits. Fog obstructs, shadowing the soothing sunlight.

The chivalric civil creatures roam voluntarily,
Unmindful, uncivil to the contemptible craving for a roof over head.

Tempted to be taught, towards heat, towards life.
Instead tremble in their trivial tattered threads.
While people wander in their winter woolens,
Heedless, ignorant, unconcerned, warm.


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