her own – self

She sat near that rail track
realizing how far she had come
Of all the things that hurt her
it was her ‘self’ that made her run
She felt confused and questioned herself
“Is being different a crime in this world ?”
“Is dreaming and daring not allowed ?”
She wiped her tears and closed her eyes
Her family,her friends swirling in her mind
She strech’d her hand and saw her cuts
O she’s already suffered so much
She opened her bag and saw her childhood photograph
How happy she used to be, when she did not dream
How much time has changed by now, she thought
They had put ‘limits’ to her life
Why should she fight, ultimately she has to be a ‘wife’
She remembered her house that could never become her home
her terrace, her staircase where she used to cry
She heard the train arriving and stood up
Her best friend, her family would be waiting for her
She can not take any more, She just can not go back
The house she’s left has got nothing more, it’s blank
Empty and tragic, but this was her self’s end
She saw the train and jumped in front,
The next morning she was found,
all ‘out of life’; she was ‘out of the race’,
They came in white and covered her ‘pale face’…

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