Do you want me to continue?

You sing your songs to the mountains and rocks,
You pen your priceless priorities to your diaries,
You spend uncountable hours listening to the waves,
They’ve no one to talk to, you reason.

Yet you don’t have time to listen,
my voice echoes through the same mountains,

Are you afraid of what I have to say,
Are you scared of the words I have to offer,
Do you fear my hopes break down your walls
of hopelessness and hatred?

Your lies I can’t take, you say.

You talk of the loveless landscape you live in,
You mutter of the mountains of melancholy and madness,
You weep rivers of rage and revenge,

Yearning for affection is helplessly hopeless, you say,

Would you stop for a second,
listen to me.I’ve something to say,

You stupefy my soul,
You hypnotize my heart,
You spellbind my senses,
You bewitch my mind,

I’ve loved this ardently none but you,
Do you wish to wander weeping for ever,
Do you want me to continue ?


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