is she still here?

In the forsaken corner of the class,
She sits, Unnoted, unobserved.
In her eyes i see,
The yearning for silence in this strangeness,
She looks at me every now and then,
Keeps hiding herself,
in those robes,
promising not to register her presence,

Sometimes she peeps out of the window as the sun sets,
And I wonder what mesmerizes her,
as darkness dawns over the town,
All the light we cannot see,
All the voices we cannot hear,
All the feelings we cannot feel,
What does she seek for,..
as her gaze runs all through walls,
Why does she examine the board so carefully,
as I erase all those assignments,
Is it the sun,the moon or the stars,
Of which she scribbles on those diaries,
What amuses her so much as I teach,
when on her face flashes a smile for a fraction of a second,
Should I scold her for her  reveries,
as she daydreams in my class,

“Where are you lost?” asks my students,
I rub my eyes  and look at her deserted domain again,
A vacant void registers her absence,
Nothing,.. it’s nothing,..
I tell them,.. tell myself,…
Remind myself again and again,..
the batch has changed,
and so have the faces,…


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