The theory of nothingness

The pages wan white waiting to be written upon,
The liveliness of lives likely to be reborn,

The rejuvenation of boredom,
A loud crowded isolation
An uncertain existence,
An audible silence,
The inadequacy of availability,
An awful abundance of emptiness,

The vain void of vacuum,
The inexistence of ideas,
The blank faces of folks from drama,
The emptiness of the broken cage,
The wrath of the wrecking waves,
The anger of the blazing sun,

A terrible turn through triviality,

A sensed oblivion,
A senseless expenditure,

The ink dripping out of nothing,
The pages, blank, white,
The mindlessness of the mind,
The  presence of an absent aura,

No, Naught, Nothing at all,

It’s a chaotic organized mess,
This,The theory of nothingness.


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