Done.Deserted, deprived, done.
Extremely enough.Can’t take it anymore.
Paining pessimism, Please stop pitying.
Repulsive rebellion,readying to burst.
Erasing exultant moments and memories.
Sacrificing sensations and aspirations.
Scarring shamelessly,Secluding smoothly. 
Ignorance illuminated.Forgetting fabricated. 
Opinions obstructed.Obsession offended. 
Nervousness noticed.Nothingness niggled.

‘What is depression like?’
It’s like drowning,

except you can see everyone around you,

Melancholy moans .Magic matures.
Yelping yanks.Youthfulness yields.

Frustration fails. Forgiving favored.
Regression is rejected. Relaxation rejuvenated.
Inefficiency ignored.Injuries cured.
Enraging is erased. Euphoria established.
Negligence is neglected. Nobility nestled.
Depression is defeated.Dreams dignified.

Have Faith.

This Too shall pass…


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