Any limits?

Are there any limits?
To the pain to which a soul can bear itself,
Any limits?
To infinite expectations,..  hopes and dreams,..
Queuing up one by one,
Never to be fulfilled,
Any limits?
To the feelings a heart can brave at a time,
To the darkness that dwells in thee mind,
The ache that never stops,
The wounds that never heal,
The eyes that never dry themselves,
The spirit that has lost its fire,

Any limits?
To the limited audacity of one’s mind,
The never-ending sadness,
Despondence arising from over anticipations,

Does this ever happen,
That once the heart’s all broken, irreparable,
It’ll stop feeling everything,…
No nothingness, no numbness,
But rather be a soul without life,
A heart without love,
A soul without expectations,…
Any limits?

“Why do you talk like that,.. don’t you know..???”

Yeah,.. yeah,..


The world lies wrapped in wonder.


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