i can not stop

Imagining situations never to take place,
Countless assumptions over the well being,
Answers to unending unresolved dilemmas,
Nihilism identified combined with oblivion,

Nuinsance claims over self and the soul,

Optimism defeated  while pain rejoices,
Trying and trying but to no avail,
Sailing away to a different thought process ,
Troubled times be far far behind,
Out in the woods ,out of the world,
Patience runs out and so does love,
Ain’t I free now?
Away from the kingdom of mighty love,
Away from souls who cure and care,
Away from the grasps of this beast of affection,
Away from sleepless nights of anxieties and worries,
Away from this never ending guilt,
(Arising) from not being able to understand,
For loving too much,
For the heart-wrenching pain of opening up to souls,
Far far
From this chaotic mess,
To this newly found dry, deserted land,
Ain’t I free now?

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