a reality

what does the world mean to me?
As it shows off to me its prettier side,
I still cling on to reasons I should not ,
Still can’t see beyond the other side of the coin,

It present to me the happy faces of the elderly, chattering away in the lush green gardens,
I look beyond to find the even older playground, solemn, lonely, unoccupied,

It sings to me the trendiest of the charts with people lost in the tunes of life,
My mind drifts to the unheard lullabies to the not-so-lively children way beyond the oceans,

It presents to me optimistic spirits: passionate and satisfied,
I look beyond to find the majority of those loners, too exhausted to carry on,

What does this world mean to me,
I find it hard to understand,
Complicates all the simpler minds,
Simplifies all thy complications,
Makes you run,

And yet,

Creates an illusion of euphoria,
Of exaltation, of nihilism,
Of confinement, of contentment,
Of abundance, of awkwardness,
Of colorlessness, of blankness,
Of happiness, of sadness,
And yet,
Pushes away to the same eventuality,
A trivial sense of eternity,
A laugh, a tear, a kiss, a giggle,
All lost;
A reality


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