Era of virtual love

Where words fail to express my emotions,

Where the self’s so unsure of all these complications,

Where restricting your affection seems perfectly legitimate,

Where real is unreal and illusion is your game,
I can not understand this,


The satellites faraway seem unable to transmit my tears,

 the optical fibres in the ocean too, can’t share those hugs,


Never seen a night sky my whole life,

Never had a letter posted t0 my name,

Never have shared those deep, dark fears,



Was it all a dream then, perhaps,

Or probably a thing of the distant past.

(To watch those beautiful sunsets, or observe a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, bang my head on country music while struck in a traffic jam, listen to the bees buzzing, or be with another soul, completely for a period which feels eternal)
A lost expedition

A troubling obsession 

An unjustified regret 

 A heart-wrenching longing,

“We grow so fast, don’t we?”


And probably it’s just me then,

Unfit for this era of virtual love



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