Word limit 

One. Explain to the world, briefly.

What are you? Who are you really?

Me?- a victim away from your vicinity,

Far far away in my fantasies,

I live.
I am stubborn- they say, too preoccupied in a non-existential universe, my words, I say revolve around me, and they brood over desperate longing,
Defiant. I am, yes. Fearless-nay. I lie somewhere between the frog and the nightingale.

Full of life, they tell me- them whose voices sing of nonchalance. Develop relationships, they tell me. But beware! Don’t be too open, too needy or too much of giver- careful. Hundred.

I nod, probably accepting. They choose for me, operate the wires, control the puppet they’ve created. I nod, don’t cut them, don’t color these curls, come, I’ll straighten em up for you, make them more desirable, more likeable- what are you listening to, stop, don’t , always remember, never never be this loud, quiten up kid, silence. I nod. Why are your teeth imperfect? – pause,come. Metallic wires ought to make them perfect, is it still paining? I nod, they ignore. Coughing up blood and beaten up words, I live through another day – the work you do is not good enough, who will take you in their home, they sigh, what if they don’t kaaki!? Find yourself a place then, “I will”, I say, amused.

She does not smile.

I fear the figure, father. Afraid of them men, her who raised me, fear them, strangers, non-strangers, myself, everyone, everything, I live through another day.

Panting slightly, I run wild. I scream, I leave – I learn, learn to abide, learn to breathe.

Before they know, their twig transforms to a thorn, I crown myself, treat myself as a prized possession, I fly , metamorphosise, grow, word by word.

I live.

The buzzer went hours ago!- I know! Alter the truth however you like, my words don’t reek of agony or anguish, they are infinite, free, more unafraid than I could ever be, they crave,they moan, but I have taught them well,better than you could ever do,

They can go through your word limit, they will live through another day.

I succumb to silence now, (at) three hundred and seventy nine.


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