‘touch me not’

I’m not a regular flower, 

they water me as if I am a crop, treat me like a weed.

They like me, I guess, I add to their garden’s grandeur, I flow with the wind, to and fro, pendulum, swing along in the calming hurricane, I watch the sun rise, and I watch it set, observe the moon as it fades away, drown deep in the dripping showers of rain, I remember it all, the sinking summers, the white winters, the soothing spring, and autumn, as it arrives, and takes it away, all at once,

I know the names of them all, the ones labelled family, the ones that have chosen me to be with them for always, I suffer in silence, abide, agonise, smile, succumb, wish, they ask me not to cease to exist, ‘stay’ I nod, promise , not sure how true are they, 

They scare me sometimes, them all humans, their snores, their dreams, the way they want something, the way they don’t, the way they look, the way they judge, you never know, them, have wordless echoes, voices over the seas, visions in the heads, secrets, lies, facades, you never know, they talk, and talk some more, and I don’t understand, fallen promises, dislocated homes, misery, I find everywhere, they preach , and talk some more, they ask me sometimes, what’s wrong?, I don’t know, you? Perhaps, never be rude, mother instructed me once, abide by rules, said another figure, I know, I know, 

I know them not , none, brother, sister, or anybody, I do not regret, the lesser the stories, the lesser it all hurts, they know me not either, but assume, assume me to be happy, or envious, or sad, or defiant, they know me not, i know myself neither,

My mind breaks apart every time I think about meself, complicated, perhaps, I am scared of them all, but most of all, I fear myself, something inhuman reeks inside of me, I know it, I feel it, and yet I protect it, from them all humans out there, I let them all go with their presumptions, go on, assume, am I lying? Am I not? You can never know, I refuse to be honest with you ,

You pretend to care for me, don’t you?, Do me a favour then, stay away, won’t you?  My thorns aren’t that dangerous, the roots not that strong, I have learned , lived long enough to realise, your human hands hurt me, your touch tortures, a threat to me, my petals close themselves up, I see harm, in you, in me, everywhere, I cannot withstand , wither away as you come nearer, they say they named me aptly, I nod, 

I ‘promise’ to abide by my label,

Touch me not..


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