A want

She ardently apologises,

Of no fault of her own,

He coldly confesses,

Of a love so warm,

Reminding thee of roles,yours, theirs, 


With their eyes glistening with the guilts of the past,

The finger fluttering with the uncertainties of the future,

The mind moaning of the opportunities taken away

Engaged in everyday endeavors,

The monotonous mornings,

The sameness of the sunsets,

The simplicity of the days of our lives,

The ordinary days(despite those extraordinary dreams)



For someone to see the spark in our eyes, 

The way we do something, the way we undo it, 

Ways of talking, walking,

Longing to be compared to the infitude of the universes,

To have the face that launch’d a thousand ships,

Or the story written among legends,



The complications, the lies, 

The compromises, the facades

We all want to be somebody’s muse, don’t we?


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