In a new city, with people ignorant, with unfamiliar faces, unspoken verses, unknown crossroads, 

The caged birds here too, sings of the same melancholy, of the eternal bliss of freedom, the stars shine with the same luminance, the euphoria at doing away the darkness,

I’ll find souls who know not my stories, and I’ll search for your face in every one that I meet, unwillingly listen to every voice that is not yours, carry out projects without you, gaze at smiles that are not yours, hear laughs which aren’t yours, ardently I’ll long, desperately I’ll miss, persistently, I’ll deny. But the heart will know, like always,

I’ll make myself home, in this city strange, both sinful and saint, entertain myself with the bright walls and the pale monuments, the flowers from spring, the leaves from autumn, I’ll wait yet,

Won’t you come home soon ? 


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