Note to self

Breeding endless pointless expectations,
Clinging on to every single heartbreak,
Supporting dozens of those facades,
Distancing thyself from all that you love,
Destroying everything that has ever mattered,
Remembering past traumas all the time every day,
Blindfolding thyself to the metaphors of the world,
Closing your ears to the songs of the rain,
Being ignorant to all those secrets of the universe,
Annihilating yours hopes, murdering your soul,
I forgive you.

I think,
It’s time,

To let go,
To move on,
To forgive, forget,
To stop punishing thyself,
To accept,
And better yet, to expect,

I think you are ready now,
To hurt,
To heal,
To live,
To die,

And love,
All over again.


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