You’re speechless, silent, you suffer,.   you’ll not share, not tell me, not make me understand, you treat me in an inexplicable manner, wordless, with worthless verses,   I still wait, wonder, ponder over the possibilities, think, miss, stay quiet cause you don’t want to listen to my rantings over and over, don’t want my pessimism to shatter your happy days, you think it’s okay, don’t you? Force me to think the same, push me away, let me suffocate, kill me, there, push me further, build your walls back, why would I care, right?

You are wrong in ways you can’t even imagine, but I’ll not say, for it matters not to you, not anymore anyway, I’ll accept my fate quietly with some pills and sleepless nights, visions and reveries, all combined, to move further to an unending misery, to stop, and I know now, took me long enough, yet I realize this now,.

That If, we’ll ever cross paths again,I’ll turn,

Just to see you walk away,



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