What if

In unsaid expressions, heartfelt emotions, unsent confessions,
I have been falling,
Suffocating, grieving under the weight of my feelings,
I have been falling hard.
In you,  I see Augustus, Bits of Mr. Darcy,
Imagine you to be the Chandler of my life,

I cannot stop. Just cannot.
Clinging on to the unrequited,
Pursuing the paradoxical,
Expecting. Regretting. Wanting.

What if,
It’s you,
Who bewitches my soul,
And what if, it’s not.

I cannot stop loving you, Maybe I don’t want to either,

Would that be okay, then?
What if,
I choose to wait,
And ache.
What if,
After all this time,
I still choose to fall for you.





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